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I left my career in technology in 2018 to fully immerse myself in my work as energy facilitator with the desire to explore consciousness and the quantum field.

In March 2018, I trained with Venant Wong (KAP) and started running weekly energy classes. Working with students and energy on a daily basis, my work constantly evolves and has recently redefined itself as Quantum Activation. Having had over 1000 students joining my classes in the past 1.5 years provided me with the unique opportunity to study consciousness and the quantum field intuitively, outside of academic studies, with new insights arising each day.

On the quest of finding the origins of this energy work, I flew to the Philippines in June 2019 to meet Pi Villaraza, the founder of innerdance. Studying and working with Pi, I came to realise that there is no origin as such - there is no “who”, the chosen one that started it all, but there is consciousness expressing itself in everything and everyone. We all have our own unique way of working with the energy field and it’s part of us being human to integrate our personality, preferences, passions and skills, which are all ever-evolving, into our work to fully embody the energy and to allow consciousness to express itself through us, uniquely, as it sees fit.

Overtime, individual and collective learnings evoke new and different ways to tap into the energy field (that surrounds us all the time) to intentionally create something specific, e.g. improving the student’s physical well-being. This is the evolution of consciousness, a natural progression, and through it, variety is born - and with variety comes possibilities.

As facilitators, the more variety we create, the more possibilities we provide our students with to consciously access and explore the energy field. Naturally, as a student you will gravitate towards facilitators that you most resonate with; because what resonates attracts. In other words, you will intuitively feel who can best assist you on your personal and spiritual journey.

Also, it is important to say that your experience in any energy class will always be completely unique. This is due to the planetary alignments, the earth's cycle, your receptiveness to energy on that particular day and time, the facilitator’s chosen approach, the space the class is held in and many other factors.

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