Wildfrau Facilitator & Founder

I left my career in technology in 2018 to fully immerse myself in my work as energy facilitator with the desire to explore consciousness and the quantum field. Working with students and energy on a daily basis, my work constantly evolves and has recently redefined itself as Quantum Activation. Having had over 1000 students joining my classes in the past 1.5 years provided me with the unique opportunity to study consciousness and the quantum field intuitively, outside of academic studies, with new insights arising each day. In 2019 I founded innerjourney Collective and started training facilitators to provide greater access to this profound energy work.

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Wiebke Facilitator

Before starting my own inner journey at the end of 2018, I travelled and lived in many countries around the globe. Looking for answers I found my long-forgotten intuition thanks to the sessions. I experienced the power of group healing and found this safe community to explore, express and share freely. I am very grateful to now being able to facilitate classes and to help others on their own inner journey. Witnessing the beauty of oneness and diversity is truly amazing. No matter if you are a regular or a newbie, everybody is welcome and important. See you soon in class!


Yiwen Facilitator

My spiritual awakening is the most beautiful experience that ever happened to me. Since my first class, my life has totally changed. I’m more connected with my body and soul. I’m happier, calmer and more centered. My changes are so big that everyone around me has noticed I’m a different person. After attending several classes, I realised that this is what I want to do with my life. I want to wake up people so they can see how beautiful they are and how happy they can be! I quit my job to devote my time to this amazing journey.

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