Quantum Activation

innerjourney Collective offers a new form of meditation that connects you effortlessly with your body’s wisdom and higher states of consciousness.

In each class and workshop, we create a unique innerjourney experience whereby we use voice, sound and vibrations to uplift you into a powerful state of cosmic resonance where you tap into the quantum field to receive a greater energy flow within your body. The facilitator additionally works on your body's energy points to guide you deeper into the experience.

Being in these altered states of consciousness will restructure your nervous system over time, thereby free your mind from past conditioning and unlock your full potential. ✨

Join class to experience a profound innerjourney that will:

  • Enhance your physical and mental well-being
  • Dissolve negative belief patterns that limit you in life
  • Create a deeper connection with yourself and loved ones
  • Receive clarity, focus, direction, joy and motivation

...and much more.

Spontaneous movements can arise, and you may release emotional blockages which can be expressed by feeling heat or pressure in certain areas of your body. Some also receive deep insights and experience profound changes in the coming days after class.

No previous experience in meditation required.

What students say

"The past few weeks have opened me up like I never could have imagined, daily life has become a beautiful and blissful experience. This new found energy that surges through the body pulls me into the moment and opens me up to the immense intensity of experience that was perhaps before overlooked. I feel a sense of unity with others and the environment as I move about my day. I feel so content in daily life." - Jay Logan

"During my most recent session I received an influx of divine light unlike anything I have ever felt. It completely changed my energetic vibration - it was as though I was being bathed in divine white light. My clarity, focus, purpose and sense of peace has been amplified as a direct result of this extraordinary energy. It's powerful stuff! Life changing." - Rachael Cox

"I felt very energised after the session and it lasted over the next days. I have been also less prone to anxiety and more comfortable with myself the following days." - Marie-Pauline Desset

"It's so powerful and transformative, healing and nourishing. If you are ready to work with this very powerful energy." - Fenda Rangimarie Ashworth

How it all began...

Innerjourney Collective was founded by Wildfrau who experienced her spiritual awakening in early 2018. Due to the profound changes within her body and liberation of mind, Wildfrau quit her career in technology and started offering weekly energy classes in Sydney to assist others on their spiritual journey. Holding space over 1000 students allowed Wildfrau to continuously deepen her energy work and her understanding of consciousness and the quantum field. Read more >>

2-Day Quantum Activation

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Join our Community!

As a collective, we learn and grow together! Join our community to ask questions about your Spiritual Awakening and support others by sharing your own insights.


Be part of our community!

As a collective, we learn and grow together! Join our community to ask questions about your spiritual awakening and support others by sharing your own insights.